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Apr 21, 2016

10 Business Lessons I Learned From The Mother Of Dragons

10 Business Lessons I Learned From The Mother Of Dragons

Khaleesi has a burning desire to win in a man’s reality. She takes up her very own alliance, first by building a trusted internal circle of counsels and after that by winning over armies of loyal soldiers through empathy and sympathy. By releasing them from slavery and addressing their needs, she satisfied her own. We can also apply what Daenerys did, in business. Here's a cool list I found from Nell Curley. I've decided to make it my own by citing my own life experiences on some points.

#1: You are your own brand.

Discover what separates you from others around you, and what makes you unique. People will not forget you if you separate yourself from the crowd.

Daenerys Like A Boss

Like, why fit in and be a basic bitch like everyone else? I don't know about you, but I don't wanna do the same sh*t every other entrepreneur or freelance architect does! And I definitely don't want to keep my thoughts and ideas all to myself. What are blogs for if that's the case?

I've already spent 10+ years studying and working my ass off (not to mention I got pregnant 3 times along the way) so why give up now? GIVING UP IS NOT IN MY VOCABULARY.

I don't wanna be like everybody else! I will eventually get my PRC license and I won't stop doing what I love to do. F*ck the law and code of ethics! The people who made these laws aren't following them anyway. There's already enough corruption in the Philippines, so I believe it's just okay to break the rules of men for the greater good.

#2: Always make sure people can follow through.

Daenerys Empty Vault

Nobody likes to find out that all they were promised was just a bunch of lies. Or an empty vault. Like, when you invite someone for a business opportunity that you promised that will change their life, make sure that YOU HELP YOURSELF FIRST BEFORE YOU HELP THEM. More importantly, the results should also reflect on you.

#3: Protect your assets.

Got dragons? No? But if you have anything half as significant and valuable AS dragons or dragon eggs, you need to protect that sh*t. Move down your material two, three times over regularly. Have a “Plan B” in place in case of a crisis, and let people recognize what to do should the worst happen. But even in your darkest moment, believe your capacity to get through the obstacles stronger and more sure of yourself.

Daenerys Dragon Eggs

I got my life insurance from SunLife for a brighter life. (Did I just sound like a paid advertisement?)

#4: Sometimes stealth is required.

Drogon Astapor

For instance, when you are dealing with an asshole with power. Be very observant with people you are dealing with and keep a low profile if you have to. That way, you'll be able to see their true colors effortlessly. Nobody likes an asshole, however at times, the people who have what you want are assholes. Never losing your cool is key. So is hauling out an unexpected offer they can’t refuse — one that guarantees you get what you want from them AND prove that you're not a sucker. Burning assholes alive, however, is not encouraged . . . in any event, not in the literal sense. Dracarys.

#5: Anecdotes are great, but a solid reputation is better.

Regardless of the fact that your prophetic dreams have brought about bringing back a race of mythical creatures long thought extinct, people will still demand that you demonstrate results. Make sure you have a strong notoriety or a solid reputation before you start making demands.

Drogon Season 5

I don't have any dragons. But I've got a big vision and knowledge bank that's even bigger than my actual bank account. I've also built my network of very important contacts who will help me grow and bring my passion to life. I may not have massive results yet, but I have a solid plan and very powerful mentors who will help me achieve my goals so I can crush my enemies #justkidding.

#6: Move forward.

Regardless of what has happened in the past, that’s exactly where it is now. You will experience a wide range of character-forming battles, yet the best way to get what you want is to desert the past. Now and then it means saying goodbye to lost family and loved ones, other times it means surrendering everything familiar and risking it out there in the big, scary world.

Khal Drogo Dying

This is very hard to master. Whoever you are who's reading this who don't know me personally, you probably have no f*cking idea what I've been through and how much I've lost. I'm not just talking about money or belongings, but also loved ones. It was hard for me to move on and forward from the pains of the past — not until I knew what I really want in life.

#7: Be careful who you trust.

Once you’ve built your brand, people will be occupied with what you bring to the table. They might use sweet talk, bribery, or outright lies, and even f*ck with you — figuratively (but sometimes literally), just to get a piece of YOU (Agh! Men. Typical). Guard your assets well and don’t sign or agree to anything until you understand completely what you're consenting to.

Daenerys Daario

To put this short, I'm very happy that I didn't marry, so . . .

No man can take advantage of my hardwork and sacrifices — EVER. AGAIN.

Valar Morghulis.

#8: Never do it alone.

Surround yourself with smart, trustworthy people who think like you, have faith in you and what you stand for. Do not tolerate assholes. People with more experience are often glad to give counsel or support.

Daenerys Tyrion

The Mother of Dragons knows her limitations and admits to herself that she needs wisdom from people who know better. Tyrion has one of the best minds in the world and he could help reduce the weight on Daenerys by giving her viable guidance for decision-making and ruling.

Just like Dany, I love hanging out with people who know better because I don't want to stop learning. Wouldn't you love to meet people just like you who don't want to compete, but instead help each other out with their business goals or building an empire?

#9: When all else fails, remember how far you’ve come.

You might never have it as bad as Dany, yet we all have times where our failure seems so great, to the point that we question if we’ll ever have the courage and strength to try again. Take time to regroup, rethink your goals and priorities, and remember what you’ve fulfilled so far. Then try again.

Daenerys Poor

I have failed a lot of times in school (all the schools I've been to apparently), in work (got fired many times in some jobs, and now I'm fire proof — get it? #LOL) and in life. Like, I really failed so hard that I wanna kill myself. But look, I'm still here, because I'm not a quitter, I'm a fighter! I will sit on the Iron Throne of my Business Empire! (Maybe 2-5 years from now, or 10 years at most)

And last but not the least . . .

#10: Shout this out loud — WITH CONVICTION!

I Will Take What Is Mine with Fire and Blood

Only when no one's looking coz they'll think you're crazy . . . but it's really up to you. Hehe.

Are you excited for the Game Of Thrones Season Premiere?

Coz I certainly am! It's gonna premiere on April 24th in the US and April 25th here in the Philippines. I can't wait to see Jon Snow resurrected! Gad! I'm super excited!

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