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Apr 23, 2015

Tutorial: How To Self-Sabotage

How to Self-Sabotage

Blogger burnout! I've got nothing to blog about this week — yet I still made an effort to do so, because I promised myself, and Google, that I will blog every Thursday night of every week.

I suck at running my online biz right now because...

I'm getting more projects than I can handle.

Is this a good thing? What if I can't follow through? What will happen to my social life? How much sleep am I gonna get if ever I get the chance to sleep? Heck, I don't even have time to blog anymore! If you can peek inside my brain, you'll just see chaos.

I'm usually prepared, but I've been too busy with The Real World.

You know, doing what a work-at-home-mom does offline, taking care of my kids + errands, etc + my freelance gigs. I feel so fucking tired and I wish that I could just pawn off my work on someone else.

In fact, I feel so lazy just typing this post right now.

I don't know if it's just my monthly period, coz this is one of those days where I don't feel a creative spark on the things I normally love to do, and now, I feel super guilty about it. I'm supposed to be working on a residential project but I haven't even started yet for the fear that I might make it look like shit.

Some of the invoices I've sent haven't even been paid yet.

This is probably one of the biggest factors why I'm feeling this way. In the freelance world, some clients will be rude, some will want a refund on that project you put so much hardwork into. ASSHOLES! Agh! I really just wanna throw up and cry right now.

I don't even feel like being helpful in social media.

Even though I've been scheduling my facebook posts that are good for 2 weeks (for marketing purposes) there are times that I don't feel like helping others. Maybe because I'm the one who needs help right now. I've accomplished a shit ton of crazy things the past few days that I tend to forget that I'm not immortal.

Running an online business ALL BY MYSELF is fucking hard!

Even my Online Shop is not ready yet! I feel discouraged, because I have just enough time to feed and play with my kids and feed myself before it’s time to sleep, wake up and do it all over again the next day. My dream of building a design empire just flew right out the window. W-W-W-Wait. — GIVE THAT BACK! THAT'S MINE!

Oh look! A shiny squirrel!

I deal with distractions everyday. How? Wait, what was I saying again? Oh, yes, distractions caused by my kids, replying to emails, notifications on my phone... hold on, my baby just pooped.

Good thing these feelings are only temporary.

I am sure they will go away pretty soon (and probably come back again at some point). This is not the first time I've felt this. And I'm learning how to handle it better every time. Now that I've got this off my chest...

I think I'm gonna make myself an ice cold coffee.

...and get started with the things I have to do — or not. I think I wanna sleep for 8 hours at least once in a while. Good chat!

Rhoda Fajardo 3D


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