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Jan 11, 2020

After Two Years Of Hiatus

After Two Years Of Hiatus

It has been a while, and I wanna reboot my personal (and sort of business) blog. I miss writing stuff! 🥰 2 years has passed since my last post, and guess what... I ACHIEVED ALL OF MY GOALS!

Jan 9, 2018

A Few Days Late For My New Year's Post

A Few Days Late For My New Years Post

A lot has happened in 2017. It was one of the longest and challenging chapters of my life, that I could write a whole book about it. But this post isn't a rundown of 2017, coz it's so last year, LOL!

Oct 24, 2017

Happy 30th Birthday To Me

30th Birthday

I just turned 30 yesterday, October 23rd. While I honestly still feel like a teenager pretending to be a grown-up, it turns out I might have actually learned a lot of things others my age haven't yet.