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May 28, 2015

Three In Design: WTF Is The Rule Of Three?

Three In Design: WTF Is The Rule Of Three?

Architecture and Interior Design is made by a progression of rules aside from the National Building Code. One of these rules is The Rule of Three — or is it The Rule of Thirds? #whatever.

WTF is The Rule of Three?

The Rule of Three is a design rule which influences each room of your home. It manages the size and shape of objects, layout of a room, even the color palettes and materials of your space.

It is best portrayed by the theory of Feng Shui. This theory displays the thought that odd numbers extend and create more vitality, while even numbers contract.

Why not Two, or Four? Why Three?

Because an odd number of things look more normal and less constrained than an even-numbered grouping.

This concept is seen all over from magazines, to photography, to art and design. At the point this concept is smoldered into your brain, you’ll be thinking about proportions differently and more carefully considering the way you arrange furniture and accessories in your house. One of the most important aspects of learning a design rule is that, those who know the rule best, are the most skilled to break it.

The Rule of Three that is. Don't do anything illegal okay? #LOL

Ways to apply The Rule of Three in Home Design

#1: Color

The 60-30-10 rule is a basic rule of interior design where 60% being the main color, 30% being the secondary color, and 10% being the accent color.

Bilsby Sofa Collection

#2: Size or Scale

Balance the rule of three with the scale of the room and its objects within, ensuring that your room is well-porportioned and scale-appropriate.

Brix Bedroom Collection

#3: Shape

In decorating, for instance, a console table, its advisable to use three items of different shapes.

Georg Console Table

#4: Materials

At least 3 different materials look best with each other — well, most of the time.

Min Bedroom Collection

#5: Furniture Arrangement

Furniture and decor arrangement is a case-to-case basis, like if you're designing a classroom or a conference room or a theater. However, most of the time, The Rule of Three works with most residential spaces/areas.

Stua Workspace Collection

What about you, do you also apply The Rule of Three?

Not just in design, but could also be in your life. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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