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May 21, 2015

Why You Must Have A Reading Corner Even If You Don't Read Books

Why You Must Have a Reading Corner Even If You Don't Read Books

Did you ever have that feeling where you're up to something really creative then suddenly lost the spark because someone keeps walking around you and looks at what you're reading on your laptop screen every time they pass by? #fuckingannoying If you can relate to this, then you might need a Reading Corner.

A Reading Corner is an area that you can have all for yourself — NOT LIMITED for reading books.

It's a place for you to read from your laptop, tablet or smartphone in peace, a place for you to get rid of the stress in your system, write a journal (whether its online, like a blog, or on your actual journal/notebook), and organize your thoughts (especially if you're just like me who has so many ideas, and can't focus on one thought at a time #ADHD). BTW, I can't finish a fucking book. Hehehe! That's why I prefer listening to audiobooks instead.

Whenever I need inspiration to start a new project or write a new blog post, I go to the most quiet corner of our house, and then start reading from my smartphone. But I still get distracted because I don't have my own personal space anymore. My kids keep following me everywhere! Yep. I end up taking a shower because they can't follow me there, and also so that I can think hard and get my shit together — literally (in the toilet #LOL).

If you have your own reading corner, you won't have to waste shampoo and water in the shower.

Well, because a lot of people prefer to think in the shower right (I also don't know why)? And then forget how many times they've shampooed their hair already.

And this is why I've created a style guide on how to design a Reading Corner.

reading corner moodboard

First Things to consider in Designing a Reading Corner

#1: The reading corner should be somewhere quiet.

No matter how many distractions you can take, it's best to have a quiet space. We could have different definitions of quiet. For me, it's an area where there is no sound, headphones on my ears, playing loud music (because too quiet freaks me out).

#2: The reading corner should be well-lit.

It's advisable to have natural lighting in your reading corner, especially when you're reading a book — I mean like a real book made out of paper. If you don't have any windows nearby, whatever works, as long as you can see what you're reading.

#3: The reading corner should not be where you have your day job.

While this can be very challenging, I strongly suggest that you don't put your reading corner where your home office is because I CAN DEFINITELY ASSURE YOU THAT YOU'LL BE DISTRACTED. Just imagine, while you're reading, you suddenly see a little red notification icon on the upper right of your Work-PC. What are you gonna do then? — On second thought, I guess this is a case-to-case basis. Check out this blog post I wrote about Work At Home Moms.

#4: The reading corner is not your bed.

Though many of you prefer to read on the bed, I think it's not an ideal space for reading. Why? Because you'll fall asleep. It could also depend on what you're reading, the time of day, and if you share a bed with someone — Especially if you share a bed with someone! What if someone's trying to sleep and you're still up with lights on coz you're reading? Then again, it's a case-to-case basis. It's still really up to you.

Accessories & Furniture

Maharam DWR Pillow in Ottoman Stripe
Fabric; 92% wool, 8% nylon. Insert; 90% goose feathers, 10% goose down.

Fun 10 Pendant
Steel structure; hand-cut mother of pearl discs; Chrome ceiling rose; black fabric cable.

Jehs and Laub Lounge, Wire Base Fabric
Molded and reinforced urethane shell; wire base with polished chrome finish; tufted bouclé upholstery.

Womb Ottoman in Fabric, Chrome Frame
Steel rod with polished chrome finish; plywood platform; polyester fiber with foam core.

Strata Rug
100% New Zealand wool.

Mud Porcelain Vase
Porcelain; clear glaze interior.

Platner Coffee Table
Polished and anodized cast aluminum base and tubular aluminum column; silicone glides; stainless steel tabletop.

Proposed Reading Corner Design

If you don't have any knowledge in 3D modelling and rendering softwares, THIS IS FOR YOU!

I've created this using DWR 3D Room Planner. Although the photo below was already edited in Photoshop, DWR 3D Room Planner can somehow create photorealistic renderings in just a few clicks. You don't even have to wait for hours to see what your room design will look like. Cool huh?

Why You Must Have a Reading Corner

Try it yourself! It's fun and easy to learn! Start designing like a PRO with DWR 3D Room Planner!

Do you have a Reading Corner in your house yet?

Share some photos! If not, share your thoughts in the comments below and maybe we could help each other out.

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