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Jun 11, 2015

If You Have Big Dreams, Start Here

If You Have Big Dreams, Start Here

This was my school's tagline. My dreams also ended here at some point. I've failed my design subjects, including my thesis, 'x' times (where 'x' is equal to a number that I will never tell you) — I know right? The irony. But I'm over it.

And I think it's time for redemption.

In my chosen profession, it's required for me to get a degree and a license in architecture.

I was brainwashed by my own parents with the idea that the best path to success was to go to school so I can have job security, savings, a home, and a retirement plan. But the thing is, I DON'T WANNA WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE FOREVER. I wanna build my own real estate and get super rich like all the other CEOs in this planet.

So I gotta start somewhere right? I'm probably gonna slow down a little bit on my blogging and my online design biz so I can FOCUS on my strategies. FOR REAL. I'M SERIOUS.

I don’t consider this settling, nor getting comfortable.

Because it isn’t comfortable yet. I appreciate what I already know, but that’s never a reason for me to stop learning. I have a list of design problems I want to solve and I'm still trying to figure out how to put all my ideas and solutions together without looking like a complete joke.

I think my biggest challenge is becoming the architect of my own life and fulfilling my lifelong dream of building a business empire and stand out. #laughallyouwant #idontgiveashit

I don’t believe in wasting my life away to build someone else’s dreams.

I used to let fear control my life — fear of judgment, failure and rejection. But not anymore. I understand clearly now that all this has always been part of the process, and so I found my purpose, my emotional cause — my big fat WHY?

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time (more like last year), I left my parent's house and decided to live in a small apartment with my boyfriend (at the time). And guess what?

When I chose "that life" (living independently that is), I had to buy a quick meal of pandesal and milk just before heading to the office I used to work for. Oh, I forgot to mention that I was also pregnant with my bunso at the time. My ex-boyfriend? He stays at home and do the household chores (he cooks and cleans). I didn't mind being the breadwinner at the time.

There were times when I’d look back and wish that I've made a different decision so I would've invested my time and money to something better. I'm not sure if you have any idea of what I'm talking about (especially for the readers who don't know me personally), but I won't air my dirty laundry here in my pretty blog.

Independence was an expensive lesson.

It has taught me to understand what I want and what I don’t want in my life, and has taught me the important lesson of being responsible and accountable for every decision I make. NEVER AGAIN will I ever settle for anything less than what I want.

And those are lessons I'm happy I paid for.

I have already visualized what I want my future to look like . . . in 3D (3D visualization — get it?). And I always say this to myself to keep me motivated in pursuing my goals . . .

I will take what is mine, with fire and blood! — Daenerys Targaryen

Happy Independence Day 2015!

How about you? What's your big dream? Share your dreams, ideas or goals in the comments below!

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