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Jul 9, 2015

4 Most Common Uses Of Glass In Architectural Design

4 Most Common Uses Of Glass In Architectural Design

Glass is a highly addictive material that architects and designers use in their projects. From a crystalline pyramid of light to a reasonable gallery 1,300 feet in the sky, glass is genuinely an adaptable material for the creative planner.

Louvre Pyramid

Architectural glass is really turning out to be very prominent. People are starting to see glass as less delicate and sturdier than before. Glass used to be considered too much of a liability to incorporate as a design feature, but advancement of new types of modern glass has changed that perception.

Below are actual, unedited site photos (please excuse the photo quality for now) of my work husband's recent projects.

#1: Windows and Curtain Walls

Windows and Curtain Walls

Using architectural glass as windows or curtain walls make really attractive facades (See rendered images below).

#2: Doors and Other Partitions

Glass Door

Glass is a great choice for doors and partitions, especially for commercial projects. Not only does it allow light to penetrate further into a building but it also reduces the use of artificial lighting.

#3: Stairs and Balustrades

Stairs and Balustrades

Glass barriers are commonly used in highend residences because it allows the maximum flow of light plus, it makes a home look fancier. Some common areas where glass is used are on balconies and terraces (either inside or outside), and the stairs.

#4: Furniture

Glass Furniture

Most commonly used for dining tables, coffee tables, console tables and also cabinets and display units.

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Louvre Pyramid image credit to www.theparisphotographer.com

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