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Jul 16, 2015

When You Realize That Passion Is Not Your Bitch

When You Realize That Passion Is Not Your Bitch

Passion. It's a huge factor for success in any endeavor we might have, whether its art, music, design, photography or whatever. Without passion, we risk being stuck in a situation or profession that we don't enjoy.

True passion is found in people who burn with a purpose, with a reason that’s truly their’s. Not their family’s or company’s, or community’s. Theirs. — David Bonifacio

But somehow, you'll realize that passion is not your bitch.

If you're a really passionate person like me, then you understand that passion is when you are willing to suffer for something (or someone), and sacrifice comfort, peace of mind, or stability. Sometimes, it means to do what you fear.

I've always been told to follow my passion. But we all know that passion alone isn’t enough to create success. When you discover something you love, it begins to wind up with a huge part of your life. Truly passionate individuals find ways to fuse their work into every aspect of their life. Whether you start networking with people who are inspiring you to bring your passion to life, or bring your work or project with you everywhere you go, your dreams become part of your daily life.

You can compare something you are very passionate about to a boyfriend or girlfriend.

People sometimes do recklessly stupid things when they're in love, right?

Some people are driven with a lot of passion, like lovers and rebels. At some point, we will encounter unique individuals who possess a magnetic charm that is really hard to ignore, and then find out later on that you're already hooked. You will want to do everything to make your relationship work. Bring on the blood, sweat, and tears! If you are really passionate about your relationship, you will do whatever it takes to make it last forever, even if it means sacrificing your own energy, breaking the rules, losing some friends, and pissing everybody off. And this is something most people don't understand.

Passionate people must take risks to succeed in doing what they love.

(Not in a dirty kinda way) Not all forms of passion will necessarily lead to excellence or happiness. This is why some passions involve risks and more hardwork. Whether it's putting your life investment on the line, buying an expensive camera, or turning down lucrative offers, passionate people will go out on a limb to do what they love.

You have to ask yourself, "Why do you do it?"

Why are you chasing something that you can't see? I mean, why do you get up every day and put yourself on the edge, trying to make your vision become your reality? Do you know the feeling of loving something so much that you start to hate it with the same intensity coz of having to endure all the negative effects of chasing after a dream?

As the song goes, "Too much love will kill you."

Passion stands behind you with a mirror. It wants to show you who you are. All you need to do is turn around. — Justine Musk

How about you, what are you passionate about?

Whether it's a hobby, sport or business, feel free to share in the comments below! Join our secret group and let's do epic shit!

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