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Aug 20, 2015

Tutorial: 360° VRay for SketchUp Rendering

Tutorial: 360° VRay for SketchUp Rendering

There are a lot of creative ways you can use SketchUp for your 3D presentations or projects. Did you know that you can also create 360-degree walkthroughs using Vray for SketchUp? I made this tutorial into 2 parts. The first one is . . .

How to Make a 360 Degree Spherical Render in Vray for Sketchup

Step 1: Go to Vray Render Options

Edit the Camera settings. Set the Type to Spherical and the FOV (field of view) to 360. Make sure that the Physical Camera is Unchecked for the scene to be rendered in 360 degrees and not in the default FOV.

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Step 2: Set the GI Color of your Environment to 0.0

Or else your scene will be rendered with too much brightness (don't ask me 'coz I also don't know why).

RF 3Design Solutions

Step 3: Set your Output to 2:1

This is for Vray to capture the whole panoramic view of your scene.

RF 3Design Solutions

Step 4: Render

Now that we're done with the settings, click on the Render button and our 3D visualization should look something like this. Click on the button for a sneak peek of the virtual tour.

RF 3Design Solutions

View Virtual Tour

If you are ready for Part 2 of this tutorial, CLICK HERE!

This post was curated from a tutorial by Arch. Maricar De Dios.

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