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Aug 27, 2015

Tutorial: 360° Interactive Virtual Tour

Tutorial: 360° Interactive Virtual Tour

I've already shared in my previous post how to render a model in 360 degrees using Vray for SketchUp (like the photo above). If you liked Part 1 of this tutorial, then here's Part 2! Are you ready? Let's get started!

How to Create an Interactive 3D Virtual Tour with Pano2VR

To create a virtual tour using our 360-degree rendered image above, download Pano2VR, and follow the settings below by clicking the buttons/boxes highlighted in blue.

Step 1: Select your 360 render output

RF 3Design Solutions

Then click OK.

RF 3Design Solutions

Step 2: Click Add under Output and select Flash as the New Output Format

RF 3Design Solutions

For the best view, set the Image Quality to the highest setting and the Size to 1600x800px. Set Scaling to With Window then name your output file to [whatever-you-like].swf. Click OK.

RF 3Design Solutions

Step 3: Click Tile Quality and set everything to high

This will save your panoramic render into 6 sides (front, right, back, left, up, down), like a cube. This is optional if you want to present your render in .jpg format with normal FOV. Click OK.

RF 3Design Solutions

Step 4: Click the icon that looks like a couple of gears

And a dialog box should appear and ask you this...

RF 3Design Solutions

Step 5: Click Yes to the Object2VR dialog box

To view the final output, your browser might require you to have Adobe Flash Player, or anything similar installed, like QuickTime RealPlayer. The final render should look something like this (click button to view the virtual tour).

360° Interactive Virtual Tour

View Virtual Tour

Pretty easy right? Try it yourself!

You might also wanna check out my blog post on 3D visualization costs for you to have a better idea of how I price my work.

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