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Sep 3, 2015

6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Start Freelancing

6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Start Freelancing

When you become a freelancer, you get the opportunity to choose what problem you want to solve and who you want to help. Freelancing can offer you independence, not to mention family-friendly flexibility. Whether you call it a sideline, consulting, or microentrepreneurship, there is no doubt that working for "YOURSELF" is an exceptionally alluring gig, most especially if you have big dreams.

Upwork (formerly oDesk) is the world's best and largest online marketplace for freelance jobs.

Btw, here's a photo of me and RD (the dog) back in December 2013. We won a photo challenge at the time that's why we made it to the cover of oDesk's Facebook Page. #freepublicity

Love the way you work

Upwork is a place where employers/clients can post jobs, and freelancers like writers, designers, programmers, virtual assistants and others, can browse through them. And the best part is, you can work at home, or anywhere you like.

However, freelancing is not as simple as it looks.

There will be times when the pay is low, and there will also be times when I don't have any clients to work with. But when I do have clients, the emotional payout and the energy I get from doing what I love to do, make up for the down times.

Freelancing is an extraordinary web winning open door, however, just for those arranged to buckle down and devote themselves to making progress. So let me share the...

6 Questions you should ask yourself before you start Freelancing

  1. Can you afford start-up costs?

    Even a freelancing business has start-up costs. You need at least to have a laptop or PC, and an internet connection. But if you already have a computer but no internet, you can always use your neighbor's WiFi. No. Seriously. Find ways to make money for your startup costs. Try these 5 books that changed my money mindset.

  2. Do you have enough time?

    Many new freelancers think that starting a freelancing business will give them more free time, but the truth is, freelancing takes a lot of time and energy. Make sure that you're ready to commit with this kind of gig so you won't end up sabotaging yourself. Don't take projects that are more than you can handle. Your health is more important.

  3. Do you have a working space?

    Even if it is possible to run a freelancing business from a laptop in your bathroom, it’s not an ideal work environment. It's important for you to have a decent workplace so you can work comfortably and efficiently.

  4. Can you work independently?

    If you’ve never been self-employed before, you may not fully understand what it’s like to work without supervision. Upwork has a Time Tracker that you can download from their website. This tool allows you to post screenshots of your activities in your Work Diary so that you're client can see what you're up to in real-time. As a freelancer, you won’t have a boss to remind you of deadlines or propose enhancements. Indeed, there won't even be anybody to appoint tasks to you. You will go and get them yourself.

  5. Are you willing to market your talents?

    Being a freelancer involves marketing your skills, yet many people hate to sell. If you’re not willing to sell your services, you may have trouble finding enough clients to stay in business. If you have a Facebook account, you can promote your services there via photos, links or status messages. Better yet, create a Facebook Page for your freelance business. BUT DO NOT SPAM.

  6. How much are your service fees?

    The number one reason clients look for freelancers is because they're on a conscious budget. Be fair with how much you charge, but do not charge less than what your talent is worth either (See USD to PHP exchange rate). Always keep in my mind that what you're doing should benefit you, and your client. Don't worry if the payout is small at first. Think that it's job training or honing your skills. Remember, "small things turn big over time."

Being successful in Upwork, or freelancing in general, is possible.

Always remember to think for yourself (I'm also talking to myself to remind myself to think for myself). Look at yourself in a new perspective and where you wanna be in the future. And how well you will do depends on YOU. Most importantly, you should "Love the way you work." Coz if not, what's the point?

Are you also a freelancer?

What do you do, and how's your freelance life so far? Share your work experiences in the comments!

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