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Sep 10, 2015

Procrastination Is Not Really Such A Bad Thing

Procrastination is not really such a bad thing

I've recycled some of my old blog posts the past 3 weeks as a buffer to get blogging out of my way, so that I can focus on my exams and my freelance projects. But you already know that I can't focus, right? Thanks to the monkey on my back.

I spend most of my day in the vortex.

A.k.a. my head. My different thoughts and feelings speed at an outrageous rate. Like, from “this building looks like a penis in aerial view”, then, “I still have to review for my midterms”, to, “I think I wanna re-watch Game of Thrones while nonsensically rotating my SketchUp 3D model that I should finish before dawn.”

Other times, I'd rather focus on things that aren't really on my to-do-list, like, 9GAG or Medium, than finish a project, regardless if its on a tight deadline. Then after spending countless hours on stuff I shouldn't be doing, I'd have this HOLY SHIT! moment, a few hours (and sometimes, minutes) before my deadline.

And I mastered something I still don’t entirely understand.

Procrastination is my ritual before working on things I should be working on. It's like a drug I need to take to get the emotional high and motivation to get started on my projects, for instance, this blog post. When I started typing this post a few minutes ago, I was able to drown all the voices in my head, as well as the other noises around me.

And guess what? Writing this post is not even my top priority. Hehe! I still have homework to do which I plan on doing tomorrow morning while having breakfast, which will end up being postponed a few minutes before my class starts. And now that I've just told you what I should be doing, I think I might do my homework sooner — or not, coz I'm currently looking for freelance jobs on Facebook in one tab in my browser, while watching something on YouTube in another tab. Below is a screenshot of how many tabs I have right now.

Google Chrome multiple tabs

I don't encourage procrastination, okay?

In fact, it has not served me well at some points in my life (especially in our household). And I admit that I'm very lazy when it comes to mundane tasks like, doing my homework, making the bed, washing the dishes, doing the laundry, AutoCAD, or flushing the toilet — JUST KIDDING! I do flush the toilet every time I go. Hehehe.

However, procrastination is not really such a bad thing.

Aside from instant gratification, I realized that I really do well under pressure, unlike my rational-thinking counterparts. As the saying goes, "Pressure makes Diamonds" (I honestly have no idea how to back up this statement using my own life experiences coz I'm pretty much all about chaos and destruction, so moving on).

While others think that this is an ongoing root problem, I think that procrastination is a special skill to keep ourselves from getting bored. It isn't such a bad thing (in my opinion) because it helps people like you and me figure out the things we're passionate about — you know, like, when you work on something that doesn't feel like work at all, coz even if you do a shit ton of other things simultaneously, you still get shit done because it's something you love to do.

If you're wondering what are the things I really love to do, here's my Demo Reel.

To view the video of my 3D Architectural Designs in High Definition (ADHD, get it? #LOL), click on the gear on the lower right, select 'Quality', then check 720p HD or 1080p HD.

View My Portfolio

Do you also procrastinate?

How often, and how do you handle the urge? Do you avoid it, or do you embrace it? Let me know in the comments!

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