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Oct 22, 2015

4 Best Ways Architecture Students Can Start Their Own Business

4 Best Ways Architecture Students Can Start Their Own Business

Architecture students have an entrepreneurial potential, however, some of us dismiss the financial value of our skills and complain about the lack of clients. Aside from the 3 Things I Learned Outside Of Architecture School, why don't you try some of the strategies below that I did for my own life and business?

#1: Create a 3D Modeling & Rendering Service

Back in 2012, while still employed in an Interior Design firm, I noticed my officemates spending too much time creating moodboards and other 2D plans that clients don't even understand. I thought, maybe my other peers are struggling with client presentations too. And so I started RF 3Design Solutions in Facebook. I focus on 3D Architectural Visualization, and I serve Design Pros and Students. I also sell 3D assets in my Digital Shop.

Some design pros find 3D presentations daunting and they would rather focus on managing their ongoing projects. That’s why I decided to partner up with them so they won’t have to worry about the render time of their design proposals.

However, some clients have a tendency to make revisions throughout the process, not realizing how time consuming it can be, especially if you have already edited your perspectives in Photoshop. So price your services really well so you won't end up sabotaging yourself because of too much time wasted on revisions.

#2: Sign up in Freelance Job Platforms

I'm talking about Upwork. I've already written a blog post about the 6 questions you should ask yourself before you start freelancing. When you become a freelancer, you get the opportunity to choose what problem you want to solve and who you want to help. Freelancing can offer you independence, not to mention family-friendly flexibility. Whether you call it a sideline, consulting, or microentrepreneurship, there is no doubt that working for "YOURSELF" is an exceptionally alluring gig, most especially if you have big dreams.

#3: Passive Income from Life Insurance, Direct selling or Networking

Why do you need passive income? Unless you're already financially free (like, you're born to very affluent parents), one source of income is not enough to sustain any kind of business, even a freelancing business.

A service-based business like #1, eats up a lot of time (coz of the hours spent on rendering). And they say "Wasted TIME is worse than wasted MONEY". Just imagine how many hours a rendering will take and the electricity your laptop/PC consumes. An efficient way to use your time (aside from looking for clients) is to create passive income. Learn about different passive income streams. Google always have the answers.

Since I've already brought up time, I wanna talk about why a Variable Universal Life Insurance (VUL) is a good investment. I think college students should be financially literate as early as possible so they can use time to their advantage. If you wanna learn about VUL with figures and examples, I recommend this article for you to better understand what a VUL is and why your age matters (coz the younger you start investing in mutual funds, the higher your returns will be when you retire).

#4: Create an Online Shop

Aside from my VUL (from SunLife Financial), my other passive income sources are Polvoron King and The Crystal Maiden PH.

Polvoron King is a family business founded by my mother, Lourdes Fajardo, in 2002. We sell 7 flavors of polvoron, namely Butter, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Choco Nut, Cookies & Cream, Pinipig and Ube. Occasionally, we sell revel bars too (on a pre-order basis). Most of of our clients are concessionaires.

The Crystal Maiden PH is an online shop born out of passion for crystals and gemstones. Our products are made with 100% authentic crystals designed for fashion, healing and power.

Whew! That was a long post! Anyhoo . . .

Have you tried any of the tips I shared above?

If so, how did it work out for you? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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