Rhoda Fajardo 3D Rhoda Fajardo 3D: An Architectural Solution To Poverty In The Philippines

Oct 29, 2015

An Architectural Solution To Poverty In The Philippines

Architectural Solution To Poverty

I hate to play the crab or the victim here, but let's face it — many government projects have been made to alleviate poverty in the Philippines but our Filipino Leaders' corruption, incompetence and lack of vision fuckin stands in the way!

So, a quick intro, the Philippines is one of the countries with a very high level of urbanization in Southeast Asia. The housing problem in the country is manifested in various forms (like squatting, ownership of structure without lease, poor quality of dwelling and infrastructure services).

And I'd like to share this case study of my favorite professors' housing project called . . .

The Rising Core House by Arch. Albert Zambrano

The Rising Core House is a housing model framework connected with income generation. The model grows incrementally after some time, saddling the activities, energies, cleverness and imagination of the a huge number of low-income earners. This model is for renewing depressed areas, slum or squatters' area upgrading or Community Mortgage Program (CMP) destinations. It can likewise be actualized in relocation sites or sites devastated by war, fires, earthquakes, floods or other extreme climate conditions.

Rising Core House

The main purpose of the Rising Core House is that the poor should not remain poor. It is a vehicle for the poor for self-determination. It creates opportunities for them to evolve their potentials. This is done by harnessing their own initiatives, creativity, energies and resources to improve their conditions over time.

Rhoda Fajardo 3D


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