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Oct 8, 2015

10 Reasons Why Having A Creative Mind Is A Bitch

Creativity As A Vocation

Most of us want to live as comfortable as a soft couch. I mean, it's the easy way to go coz it's mainstream. Sometimes I wish that I could think like everybody else so I can focus on tasks that are in front of me and so that I can sleep better at night. Getting fired up at 3:00 AM is not always a good thing. It's really frustrating that it's hard for me to finish my tasks even though I have the skills and the mental caliber. I have a high dose of ADHD, maybe that's why.

When I'm not doing, sometimes I remember how great it felt to do.

There's a certain momentum (or lack of) — that goes hand-in-hand with making creativity our vocation. Most often, the river of life runs so fast, getting out of the current is too scary (mainstream, get it?). Do you think you have ADHD too? Do the following traits resonate with you?

#1: You lack focus in getting sh*t done.

Distractions are everywhere. And anything shiny steals your attention in a split second. You also have a tendency to hyperfocus on things that are not on your to-do-list.

#2: You are clueless as to how others manage to lead consistent, regular lives.

You don't know what it's like to think and act normal like most people. What seems like an easy task for them, is so f*cking hard for you. You don't know how they do it so fast and easy.

#3: Your mind is cluttered with too much stuff.

You can't think too slow. Your mind generates a lot of thoughts and ideas that makes it very hard for you to focus on just one. You can't turn off your thoughts.

#4: You feel that you have better ideas than other people however are not able to follow up on them.

Since you have a lot of chaos going on in your head, your ideas could overwhelm you. You may feel that you have so much to do but so little time to do all those stuff.

#5: You feel that life is out of control and too demanding.

Even if everything seems like they're falling apart, you see things in a different perspective and you find opportunities in everyday life that others miss. You are a natural problem solver and you thrive under pressure.

#6: You despair of ever fulfilling your potential and meeting your goals.

Because you think really big, you have this feeling that you might not achieve your goals. However, feelings of despair doesn't stop you from doing what you do best (whatever it is).

#7: Your workstation/desk is messy.

They say "a creative mind is rarely tidy", which I think is very true.

#8: You are very lazy when a task doesn't pique your interest.

Let me paint a picture for you — you’re supposed to do a client project, 1 week into the work and then you get this brilliant idea for a page on your website that you just have to build. Rather than chipping away at your client’s project, you actually lose focus on the client’s project, and can only seem to concentrate on your own project. Sound familiar?

#9: You start a lot of projects and half-ass many of them.

As I've said in #8, even if you suddenly have a brilliant idea, you don't always finish them all the way through.

#10: You wake up in the middle of the night thinking about the next project you want to launch.

And the cycle goes on, and on, and on.

Do you have an over active creative mind?

If any of the things I mentioned above sounds like you, feel free to vent your frustrations, or share your accomplishments in the comments below!

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