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Nov 19, 2015

6 Values Of A Debt-Free Millionaire

6 Values of a Debt-Free Millionaire

I went to Sir Chinkee Tan’s free seminar yesterday at Victory Center, Greenhills, titled, The Debt-Free Millionaire: How to Live & Retire Stress-Free. One of the points that really resonated with me was, “If you want to improve your life and financial status, you have to learn new things, even if it’s outside of your field, because the only thing that’s constant in this life is CHANGE.”

A lot of people already know that change is inevitable, yet, they still prefer to stay in their 9-5 routine than learn how to become wealthy. And, sorry if I may sound harsh, Filipinos have this habit of trying to look rich even if they go broke coz of too much DEBT.

Good thing there are Filipino Millionaires like Sir Chinkee Tan who are sharing their knowledge on how to become rich to people like you and me. According to Sir Chinkee Tan, the 6 Values of a Debt-Free Millionaire are as follows:

The Debt-Free Millionaire

  1. Get out of DEBT
  2. SAVE 6-12 months’ worth of income as Emergency Fund
  3. Learn & Create an income OPPORTUNITY
  4. Learn how to invest and GROW your money
  5. Learn how to PROTECT your money
  6. Learn how to GIVE

Pretty simple, right? Are you also following the 6 tips above?

I'd love to know your thoughts, especially now that my financial advocacy is now reflecting on my blog posts. I've been studying different ways to grow my earnings. So if you have new ideas, feel free to leave a comment below!

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