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Jan 14, 2016

3 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Losing My Smartphone

3 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Losing My Smartphone

Earlier this week, I lost my phone while walking somewhere in Cubao-Edsa around 2:00 AM. I know right? How stupid of me. Hehehe. On the bright side, I wasn't hurt coz my phone was only stolen from the front pocket my bag. Although I'm still fucking pissed that I lost my phone just like that, I decided to look at this experience in a new lens. Here are the:


#1: Increased real human interaction

Mobile phones these days can do so much that some people have trouble reconnecting with the real world. Whether you admit it or not, most of us, especially the millennials, spend more time on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram than actually talk to the people in front of us.

After I lost my phone, I now have more reason to TALK TO PEOPLE.

#2: More focused on getting shit done

I get distracted easily and far too often. Without seeing the little red notification icon on my phone, I now have more time to do more important tasks and actually finish them.

#3: Opportunities to see the outside world

Before I lost my smartphone, I feel disconnected with the real world coz I was too busy looking at my cellphone, even if I’m already outside. With my smartphone gone, now I’m the one initiating interactions with real humans.


#1: Lost contacts

One of the saddest parts of losing my phone is I have to rebuild my list of professional contacts. I have to start networking again outside of Facebook.

#2: Less means of communication

Before losing my phone, I’m always updated and easy to reach. Thanks to my free data from my mobile provider. Now that I’m back to using a regular cellphone, the only way to reach me is through call or text.

#3: Lost apps, photos and videos

Demmit! I can’t believe I didn’t back up all my photos and videos. Who knew that I’d lose my phone just like that? Howell, I can always capture new memories (I think I wanna get a DSLR). I have to put aside Instagram for the mean time.

At least I'm now more determined to upgrade. One of my goals in my vision board is a Lenovo Phone-Tablet. I plan to get one soon. Depending on my future earnings in my design business and networking business, I might get an ordinary Android phone first, OR NOT. I might consider getting a job again to get what I want much faster.

What did you do when your phone was stolen?

I'd love to hear from you! Share your story and some tips to avoid these incidents. Btw, my new number is 0917-903-0852.

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