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Jan 28, 2016

4 Ways To Reach Badass Creative Status

4 Ways To Reach Badass Creative Status

Everytime I’m about to do something risky, I get that anxious feeling in my stomach that makes me want to vom a little. I admit that despite of my eff you spirit, I still get scared that I might fail miserably. The good news is, if you are as passionate as me, you must be a Badass Creative. However, if you have no effin idea what I’m talking about, then it’s about time to get your ass out of your comfort zone. Like, NOW. I’m fucking serious. I will yell at you when I find you. #JustKidding

#1: Say yes first, then figure it out later.

Have you ever felt so bored with the current status of your life, knowledge or skill level? That’s because people like you and me hate being safe. We’d rather go out on a limb seeking out challenges and opportunities that stretch our current knowledge and skills. Lack of money can’t even stand in our way. To a Badass Creative, there is always a way to solve every problem. We always grab every opportunity that will help us grow.

#2: Practice the things you suck at.

While our normal counterparts spend a lot of time doing enjoyable, easy to achieve activities, Badass Creatives deliberately spend their time working on the things in which they really suck at. For instance . . .

Once upon a time, an ardent guitarist told me, “If you don’t suck or sound awful in playing guitar, you aren’t really practicing.” To say it simple, if I only played the songs I sounded good playing, I will never get out of my comfort zone and reach Badass Creative status. This doesn't only apply to playing musical instruments, but also in business.

I suck at running a business. To hone my skills, I talk to people, network with millionaires or anyone who's achieved far more than me, I read a lot of wealth-building articles and listened to different audiobooks and affirmations. After absorbing all the knowledge, I apply them to myself.

#3: Stay curious.

There are many things in the outside world that are intriguing. To embrace our curiosity is to be totally fine with the possibility that nothing will ever come of pursuing what we are curious about. After all, the thrill of the chase could be worthwhile. Sure it could be a waste of time, however, it may turn out to be the spark that ignites our fire.

Just like when I decided to go into MLM. Despite the negative criticisms I got from my family and friends, I didn’t let toxic people get in the way of my curiosity and getting my dreams. And as I’ve said earlier, not even the lack of money stands in my way. #GoodbyeComfortZone

#4: Don't listen to the haters.

If you listen to the haters, then you're not really a badass. Why? Because you are submitting to the status quo to be secure and stay safe. You're more concerned with not looking like a fool than going after your dreams. Guess what? The ones who make shit happen are the ones who DO AND DARE

Part of stepping out of our comfort zone is to move towards uncertainty (in some cases, a crowd full of haters). Sometimes we want to do something but haven’t had the chance to yet. It is often in these unexpected places that we find those missing pieces to the puzzles we are trying to solve. The hater’s job is to scare us into submitting to the status quo. The question is, are you gonna listen to the haters?

Did you understand everything I’ve just said?

If you did, then you are a certified Badass Creative! It means that we have the same brainwaves. I know, I know, I’m rambling again. I’m starting to run out of gas. If you have any blog post suggestions, please feel free to post your fresh ideas in the comments. I’d love to try something new.

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