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Jan 7, 2016

Tutorial: A Vision Board That Works Without Using Photoshop

How To Create A Vision Board That Works Without Using Photoshop

On the off chance that you think vision boards are bullshit, then you're plain stupid #justkidding. They really work, what's more, there's really a truly straightforward explanation of why they work so well. It's very similar to a moodboard, however, a vision board focuses on your goals.

Since today's age is digital, pretty much everybody is always online. Gone are the days where you cut out what you wish to have from magazines coz now, you can just google them.

Here are some tools you can use to create your own vision board:

#1: Pinterest

Pinterest Screenshot

#2: Polyvore

Polyvore Screenshot

#3: Fotor

Fotor Screenshot

Fotor is great if you don't have any knowledge on Photoshop. You can use this tool to create collages that you can also save in your hard drive. I often use Fotor for my Instagram campaigns.

Below are my vision boards for my short term (first collage) and long term (second collage) goals. I've already printed these so I can view them everyday in my clearbook.

short term goals

long term goals

relationship goals

So, what's the big secret to creating a dream board that works? Your vision board ought to center on how you want to feel. I've posted MOSTLY material stuff coz I don't want to cry while writing this week's blog post. I really have big dreams and visualizing them, even in 3D, isn't enough. They're buried inside my mind, heart and soul, and now they're starting to burn inside me #sorryforbeingtooemorightnow.

The law of attraction is forming your entire life experience and it is doing that through your thoughts. When you are visualizing, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe. — The Secret

Do you have a vision board for your lifetime goals yet?

If so, please feel free to share your links in the comments below. If not, this is a great opportunity to start!

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