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Jan 21, 2016

The Art Of Changing Your Mind

The Art Of Changing Your Mind

On the off chance that you've been reading my blog for some time now, then you probably know that aside from my online design biz, I'm also into MLM. I'm currently applying the concept of a strategic lifestyle plan. Part of my 2016 goals is to upgrade myself. And to upgrade myself, I have to embrace change.

I'm notorious for being a control freak.

I hate being told what to do and I despise playing follow the leader. I'm used to being in charge. However, being in charge didn't take me too far. I had to surrender everything I know and become an empty cup all over again, to absorb new knowledge from the people who have what I want in life. Swallowing my pride wasn't easy — SWEAR TO GOD!

Making real, actionable change requires changing my mind.

Instead of doing things MY WAY, I had to learn how to shift my perspective and study how my mentors gained a serious amount of wealth in a short span of time, with an unbiased mindset and an open mind. Basically, this means learning how to change my mind and my attitude, so that I can change my habits, and ultimately, my life.

One of the baby steps I took was to spend time with people I can learn from.

Most of us want people around who we can have fun with. However, it’s also vital to have people in our lives who can teach us something new, people who are advanced in some area of life that we are not. Many of the most successful people I know also have mentors who made a huge contribution to their success. Though it's not always fun, some roads to success can really challenge our pride and personal growth.

I'm fucking tired of letting my past experiences color my actions.

I used to have a limiting mindset that accomplishes nothing. Negative people really piss me off and I used to plot revenge on people like these. But I'm a better person now. Sometimes it's just fun to reminisce. Hehehe.

So I'm inviting you to join me in my journey to true change.

It doesn't matter where we are in life right now. As long as we have the vision, anything is possible. Doing something as simple as opening our minds, will help us find new ways of solving problems, and bring us closer to changing our lives.

Let's talk about our goals. Schedule a chat with me by texting 0917-903-0852. Talk to you soon!

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