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Feb 11, 2016

3 Life Lessons From The Walking Dead For Work-At-Home-Moms

3 Life Lessons From The Walking Dead For Work-At-Home-Moms

The Walking Dead season 6 will return on Fox International 3 days from now for its mid season premiere. I can't wait to see what happens to Rick and the rest of the crew while walking in the streets covered in zombie blood. #classic

When I'm not networking in the outside world, I'm a work-at-home-mom. I design stuff in 3D for my local and foreign clients. I also sell polvoron and beauty drugs in Facebook. One of the perks of being a work-at-home-mom is I get to watch my tv shows. But I also try to look for lessons from my favorite shows (so I can share it in my blog, hehehe). Here are my biggest takeaways from watching all the seasons of The Walking Dead.

#1: No clear goal, no success.

The Working Dead

The walkers have a clear goal. The survivors? Uhh... hmm... I'm not so sure — just like some work-at-home-moms out there. And with changing family dynamics (like the birth of a child), sometimes we need to work harder just to maintain what we have. Here are some things I totally suck at right now:

Working the right amount. Shockingly, the right amount isn't really the amount you feel like working. It's the measure of work that gives the financial balance you want. And sometimes it's hard to know what that is. If you are an independent contractor, you may be enticed to work excessively or too little. That's why I changed my hourly rate in oDesk to filter out the clients who will take advantage of me from the ones who will take me seriously.

Saying NO to a client. It's hard to say no to a job opportunity, even if it's on a tight DEADline (especially if it's for a friend) because it converts to money and loyalty. But it takes a toll on your health and decision-making skills due to sleep-deprivation. It also affects how you handle daily tasks, and the way you look (that's why I don't post selfies often coz I already look like a zombie).

Rhoda Fajardo The Working Dead

Dealing with distractions. Distractions are an issue for every work-at-home mom. In my case, it's always the kids who are distracting, and not social media or tv. I've officially restrained myself not to use the Internet during the working hours I've set for myself with the help of my productivity tool, StayFocusd. This Chrome plugin will block websites and social networks that will keep you from being productive. Below is a sample screenshot when I went to check out my Facebook during my working hours.

StayFocusd Screenshot

The nth f*cking time you're distracted you may ask why you don't work in an office. But you know why you do this, right? So that you can...

#2: Keep your kids in plain sight at all times.

Oh Shit Where

“Where’s Carl? WHERE’S CARL!” — Lori. She NEVER KNOWS WHERE HER KID IS. Aside from Lori, let's take a closer look at the other parents/adults in the show, and call out the things we should NOT do:

When Carol took her eyes off Sophia during a zombie stampede on the freeway — Sophia died.

Sophia Died The Walking Dead

When Rick took his eyes off Carl in the woods — Carl was shot.

Carl Shot The Walking Dead

When Carol and Tyrese left unstable Lizzie and Mika alone in the yard — Lizzie turned into a complete psycho and killed her sister Mika (which left Carol no choice but to kill Lizzie too).

Lizzie Mika Died The Walking Dead

I'm sort off guilty of not keeping an eye on my kids all the time. There are times I forget to change my baby's dirty diaper coz I'm in the momentum of doing my work. And sometimes, I don't notice my 3 year-old playing with the faucet and wasting water in the bathroom. This is why we should check on our children all the time and do our best to look out for them. Work should never be an excuse for parental neglect. Remind yourself why you're working-from-home in the first place.

#3: Give your kid a gun.

Kids With Guns The Walking Dead

Work-at-home moms with a lot on their plates may find it less demanding to do an errand themselves rather than spending the time to teach a child. But resist that urge, and enjoy those teaching moments with your kids, and just so you know, not with a gun coz that would be illegal (unless the world is overrun with ravenous zombies).

Let’s face it, none of the kids in The Walking Dead are going to grow up to become Alice from Resident Evil and be able to take care of themselves in a zombie apocalypse.

Alice Resident Evil Zombies

Parents, most especially the work-at-home-moms, must recognize when kids are ready for more responsibilities and privileges without overloading them. This way we can have more time for our freelance business and meet our client's DEADlines.

P.S. I do not advocate giving guns to children. It was just a metaphor silly bunny.

Are you also a work-at-home-mom?

How do you handle the chaos? Coz in my experience, my schedules could be so overwhelming at times that I tend to lose my shit and end up procrastinating. Truth is, I will take a detour to salary land while doing all of this other stuff since my bunso is already big enough. I'm gonna start on Monday. I'm nervous and excited at the same time.

I recently got inspired to pursue a new goal that is surprisingly connected to everything I've been doing so far. It's like I'm attracting all these things which I really didn't expect. I'll write about it on my next post (coz everytime I write about what I want, the opportunities just come to me unexpectedly, for instance, when I wrote about building an EMPIRE or becoming a TITAN).

Originally published by Rhoda Fajardo on March 26, 2015.

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