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Mar 10, 2016

My Favorite Game

My Favorite Game

You already know that I’m a major Game of Thrones fan, right? Coz of this, I wanna associate my favorite board game, which is chess, for this week’s post, and use it as a metaphor to describe a number of my most difficult experiences in the business game. Just like my favorite TV show, chess is a complicated mental game modelled after war.

I'm kind of a war freak actually, but I don't wear it on my sleeve. I only engage in war through strategy games (like, WarCraft, DotA, God of War, CounterStrike, Chess, etc).

Anyhoo, going back, below are some of the benefits you can get when playing chess:

#1: You’ll learn how to anticipate your target’s moves.

If you’re just like me, who’s obsessed with behavioral patterns and psychology, I assume that you know how to predict the moves of your opponent. Some call it paranoia or manipulation. But I call it psychic.

When making a move in chess, we must also anticipate what our opponent will do on every obstacle that comes their way. Never underestimate the power of observation, coz with observation, we will see the patterns and algorithms of our target. Always keep in mind that there will always be people who are planning to defeat you and take your power. And the sad part is, often times, they are our friends, or loved ones.


#2: You’ll learn the importance of sacrifice.

In chess, there will be situations where we have to sacrifice a piece to put another piece in place to gain an advantage later on. This is similar to making investment decisions. When I started a freelance business and joined an MLM company, I sacrificed time for my friends and family to position myself in the network, and pursue my goals.

I honestly don’t think that this is a ruthless move. Because everything I’m doing now, is FOR THE ONES I LOVE. And when I love, I LOVE REALLY HARD. So if I told you I love/like you, I'M FUCKING TELLING THE TRUTH.

#3: You’ll learn the value of preparation.

Because business is the modern day warfare, there will be risks involved. Since I’m a single mom with 3 kids, I’m obliged to protect them in case my ideas and passions fail. So I got myself a life insurance and went back to employment, coz I love my daughters more than my pride and ego. I don’t consider this as getting comfy, but a stepping stone to achieve my bigger goals in life.

I didn’t go into the business game to lose. I’M HERE TO WIN. The road to success is really challenging, however, I don't mind experiencing a lot of rejections and failures as long as I'm learning and becoming stronger. After all, nothing worth having comes easy.

#4: You’ll learn the value of patience.

Just like #3, we need time to place our pieces in the proper position before making moves. Premature and uncalculated moves will backfire (and I’m speaking from personal experience coz I’m a very impatient person). We must patiently restrain ourselves from making impulsive moves until everything is set. I believe there's a right time for everything.

#5: You’ll learn to think outside of the accepted box.

Although chess has strict rules, a smart player knows how to use his creativity to come up with surprise attacks to defeat the enemy. When I say enemy, I'm not referring to the people we don't like. I'm talking about anything or any situation that stands in our way to success, and often times, our greatest enemy is OURSELVES.

For instance, I hate myself for being so deep, emotional and sensitive, and not be able to express it. My feelings are often misinterpreted in so many negative ways. But as time goes by, I'm learning how to channel all this energy into positive things, like writing, playing the piano or guitar, drawing and sometimes reading/listening to self-development audiobooks. Then I share what I know in my blog and use different metaphors.

By the way, here's a song I wanna dedicate to all my haters.

Do you also play chess?

If so, do you always win? How can you relate chess to your life? Feel free to answer in the comments.

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