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Mar 17, 2016

4 Reasons Why Mood Boards Are Important

4 Reasons Why Mood Boards Are Important

As architects/designers, it is our business to know what looks fab, and what looks fugly — and we consider that obligation very important! Sometimes what one person calls eclectic another might see as a piece of sh*t.

Even a super gifted design pro may find it anything but difficult to misinterpret what a client wants. Instead of spending countless hours creating pretty design presentations just to have it rejected by the client because it isn’t what they were looking for, we create mood boards.

A what board?

Mood boards allow design pros the ability to show clients and colleagues a proposed look without investing too much in a failed direction — in short, it's a style guide.

My design career lately has been primarily digital in nature. Compared to 3D visualization, mood boards are more beneficial than many may realize. Here's why . . .

#1: They help establish the basics

Mood boards help create the majority of the baselines that will eventually go into a style guide: color palettes, layout, furniture, materials, patterns, accessories, etc.

#2: They are free flowing

You aren’t creating the design itself yet, so if there are any differences between your vision and your clients’ they can be easily altered and you will also have a clearer idea of the direction of the project.

#3: They are time-saving

Because of item #2, mood boards lessen the conceptualization time of a design project by creating a library of approved elements, materials or components.

#4: They can help set a tone for the client

If a client ain’t happy with an element of the board, you can change only that element instead of recreating the entire design, which means your precious productivity isn’t hindered when you finally proceed to the planning phase.

Below is a sample of a digital mood board that I did for my past client. In this board, I created a collage of kitchen appliances, proposed accessories, colors and materials for his minimalist kitchen in his apartment.

RF 3Design Solutions Kitchen Mood Board

Accessories & Furniture

Materials & Finishes

Kitchen Appliances

Miele: 36" 5-Burner KM 3474 G Gas Cooktop

Miele: 36" DA 3490 Built-In Hood

Miele: 30" KF 1813 Vi MasterCool Bottom Mount Fridge/Freezer

Miele: 24" M 6260 PureLine EasyControl Microwave

Miele: 24" DG 6600 PureLine SensorTronic Steam Oven

Miele: 24" CVA 6800 Built-in Coffee System

Plumbing Fixtures

And after the approval of the initial proposal, I made it come to life through 3D architectural visualization for the client to have a better understanding of where the items in the list above will go. TADA!

RF 3Design Solutions

Are you ready to start creating a mood board for your next project?

I normally use Adobe Photoshop, but sometimes I use Pinterest, Polyvore, or Olioboard. Feel free to try them out! =)

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