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Dec 29, 2016

My 2016 Rundown

My 2016 Rundown

Last year, December 2015, I've posted some goals I'd like to achieve this 2016. I printed out dream boards and pinned photos on my Pinterest. Here's what I've accomplished from all the goals and resolutions I wrote last year.

#1: Abs

I was able to maintain my desired weight despite of my sweet tooth. I've gained 10 pounds during the holidays though. But I'm confident that I can get back in shape in no time, 'coz I know I can.

#2: I bought my first DSLR

I wrote about getting a DSLR many times before I was able to get one. And now, it's in my hands. I was applying The Secret the whole 2016 and the things/people I wanted became attracted to me. Yay!

#3: I bought a new smartphone

I blogged about losing my smartphone earlier this year. Good thing I moved on quickly and found ways to replace what has been stolen from me. It's a Samsung Galaxy J1, and not exactly like the phone I put in my dream board. But it's the one I want now.

#4: Goodbye heavy baggage

I was able to remove myself from bad relationships and fake friendships (I also believe that I've met my soulmate/twin flame earlier this year, around August in a small tea shop nearby). I also moved in to an apartment with a few housemates. I want to become independent once again and get focused on my career and building the business of my dreams.

#5: Talk to people

I want to earn Php 50,000 a week but my knowledge and actions weren't sufficient enough. And one of the best solutions to achieve my weekly income goal is to TALK TO PEOPLE. This is really challenging for an introvert/ADHDer like me. Good thing I've attended trainings to develop my leadership skills as well as personality. I promise myself this 2017, I will grow into the person who can achieve ALL the things in my dream board. Slowly but surely.

What are your goals for the year 2017?

Do you have accomplished goals you'd like to share? I would love to hear/read your stories! Leave a comment below! =)

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