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Rebel Architect, Manila Female Photographer and Coffee Addict

Rebel Architect, Manila Female Photographer and Coffee Addict

My friends call me Dada. I'm a SketchUp + Vray + Photoshop Expert. My favorite colors are red and black. I am also a major Game of Thrones fanatic.

I am very passionate about Visual Art and Architecture.

I love learning new things. I'm comfortable doing things on my own because I'm self-reliant and a fast learner. I also have skills in other fields like music (I play the guitar, bass and piano, and I'm pretty damn good on all 3 #subtlebrag) , branding and web design coz I'm really good with Photoshop. Like, really. I'm interested in all kinds of visual communication. But my major focus is on Architectural Design and 3D Visualization.

And right now, I'm pursuing Photography.

I started RF 3Design Solutions in September 2012 as a sideline.

Due to lack of resources and knowledge in running a serious business, I hopped from one job to another to hone my skills, learn from my employers, and of course, to earn.

I've worked for an interior design firm, construction firm, real estate/property development, BPO and even joined a Multilevel Marketing company. These experiences helped me build a stronger foundation in design, construction, customer relations, sales and marketing.
Rhoda Fajardo | Rebel Architect, Manila Female Photographer and Coffee Addict

Today, RF is still a one woman online designbiz.

My dream is to become a business empire in the next 5 to 10 years.

I've partnered with local and foreign clients in the graphic design, photography, construction and real estate industry with the same goals as I do — to mutually grow our businesses , establish long-term partnerships , and turn ideas into reality (as well as virtual reality) .

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